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Jerry Palace is a retired New York City Police Detective. Starting as a beat cop in New York’s notorious South Bronx, he then climbed the ranks to the anti-crime unit, and soon became a crime scene investigator. From there enjoying his career as a seasoned cop, Jerry moved into the Narcotics Division responsible for putting away his fair share of major drug dealers.

Never being one to turn down a challenge Jerry took his street expertise, and moved on to The Bronx Robbery Squad, investigating robbery, and murder cases  that included the arrest, and convictions of New York’s most brazen crime figures. Jerry’s career has touched all areas of modern crime fighting along with a solid street wise investigative skill. Throughout his career as a New York City Police Detective, Jerry has received his share of Police Commendations. 


Bio Private Investigator

 After retiring and entering the private sector Jerry opened Check a Mate® one of New York's most talked about investigative agencies. His investigative techniques have been often imitated but never duplicated. Because of his unique style of detective work, Jerry's been on some of the most famous guest seats. From Oprah's windy city stage to the ever famous desks of Larry King, Bill O'Reilly and Catherine Crier, Jerry is no stranger to the media. As a seasoned pro his opinion is sought after by the likes of Good Morning America and Dateline. Jerry also hosts the ever popular show on Court TV / truTV, titled "The Wrong Man?"

One of my most rewarding cases and longest running, was the fnal release of Richard DiGugliemo from prison.  This was done with the help of the most unselfish group of men one can imagine. Charlie Moran, Vic Golio, Lonnie Soury, James Ferguson and Marty Tankleff. Thanks guys for a job well done. 


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 Private Investigations - Surveillance - Decoys - Bodyguards - Physical Security - Electronic Debugging - Computer Forensics - DNA - Criminal Investigations - Wrongly Accused - Wrongly Convicted - Executive Travel Safety - Missing Persons - Background Checks - Domestic Investigations - GPS Tracking - Covert Cameras - Lie Detector